Recessed Concrete Project in NC

A recessed concrete project we recently completed will allow a client’s new wrapping machine to be flush with the ground. The wrapping machine, designed to improve efficiency, has a base that rests 3-1/8″ above the ground level. Our client contacted us to recess the concrete so the machine could be flush with the ground. Enabling the base of the machine to be level with the ground will improve both the safety and ergonomics of the new machine.

First, we saw-cut and excavated six inches of the existing concrete. Then we doweled the remaining concrete every 12” and created a grid for long term durability. To prevent damage to concrete from forklifts and pallet jacks, we included a 2” steel angle on all new edging. Once the concrete cures, our clients’ facility team will set the machine in place and put it in operation.

If you or anyone you know is in need of concrete, asphalt or parking lot services in NC, contact us today for a free estimate.

Wrapping Machine Dowels every 12 inches Recessed Concrete

Snoblock Bracket Installation for Three Capital Banks

Capital Bank in Belmont NC had ice slide off their roof during an ice storm in 2018. The weight of the ice caused most of the gutters to pull away from the building, with some actually falling. We provided and installed SnoBlock brackets to the roof line to prevent this from happening. It is much more durable than standard “ice breakers” that are normally installed on metal roofs to prevent ice from causing damage or injuries when it comes off roofs in large pieces. This process was completed on 3 branches for Capital Bank.

before Snoblock brackets

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Speed Hump Installation in Mt. Holly

We just finished a project involving the installation of six speed humps in the parking lot of A&E in Mt. Holly. A&E wanted to increase the safety of their employees in the parking lot, particularly during shift change where there is a dramatic increase in the traffic flow. Each speed hump was twenty-four feet by six inches.

Please contact us to discuss the installation of speed humps in the parking lot of your business.

Speed Hump Installation in Mt. Holly


Improved Handicapped Parking in a Charlotte Parking Lot

We recently improved the handicapped parking in the Charlotte parking lot of DriveTime on East Independence Blvd. Before, the handicapped parking was on the far right side of the parking lot. DriveTime asked us to improve the accessibility to the showroom for people with disabilities.

We relocated the handicapped parking to the front area of the building, created new signage and improved the handicap ramp designation. The changes we made allow people with disabilities to access the showroom with ease.

Charlotte Parking Lot Before

Parking Lot After Handicapped Parking Improvements

Contact us whether your parking lot needs sealcoating, restriping, or asphalt repair. We look forward to the opportunity to improve your Charlotte parking lot.

Improved Traffic Flow with Bollards Installation in Mount Holly, NC Parking Lot

We recently installed eight bollards in a Mount Holly, NC business’ parking lot. They needed help controlling the flow of traffic, so we placed the bollards in strategic places to divert traffic. Now vehicles flow easily through the parking lot in one direction. The improved traffic pattern improves the parking experience and keeps pedestrians safe when they walk from their car to the business.

Bollard Installation Mt. Holly

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Parking Lot Sealcoating Project

Clear-View, Inc. recently completed a parking lot sealcoating project involving a 20,000 sq. ft. We finished the project on time without having to shut the entire parking lot down at any time. We were able to do sections at a time in order to keep the parking lot up and running for the local business. Check out the pictures below to see how we not only repaired and sealed the cracks, but we also sealcoated and restriped the parking lot. The parking lot is now, clean, polished and welcoming to the community.

Parking Lot Before Sealcoating Project

Sealcoating Parking Lot Before

Parking Lot After Sealcoating Project

Parking Lot After Sealcoating

Contact Clearview to discuss your parking lot sealcoating and/ or restriping project.

Repair of Potholes in an Apartment Community Parking Lot

We recently repaired three potholes in the apartment community of Kimmerly Woods.  Potholes can greatly diminish the appearance and functionality of a parking lot.  In this case, the larger pothole posed a risk to vehicles by potentially causing axle or tire damage. When we were finished, all three potholes were repaired leaving behind a smooth, even parking lot and a grateful apartment community.

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Potholes Before RepairPotholes Before Repair


Potholes After RepairPotholes After Repair



We Recently Re-Striped and Sealcoated the Parking Lot of a Bank in Cornelius, NC

We recently completed a project where we sealcoated and re-striped the parking lot of a bank in Cornelius, NC. You can see in the before pictures that the parking lot had lost its luster and the parking lot striping was difficult to see.

When we finished re-striping and sealcoating the parking lot, it was sleek, polished and the parking spaces were easy to distinguish. Best of all, the parking lot had an overall look of being well-maintained.

If you are interested in re-striping, sealcoating and/ or repairing the parking lot of your business, contact us to schedule your free estimate.

Cornelius Parking Lot before Sealcoating and RestripingCornelius-Before Resealing and Restriping

Cornelius Parking Lot after Sealcoating and RestripingCornelius Parking Lot After Sealcoating and Restriping

PSNC Parking Lot Repaired, Sealed and Re-Striped

We recently completed a project where we repaired, sealed and re-striped the parking lot of the PSNC offices in Chapel Hill, NC.  PSNC had some cracking at the front of their parking lot that needed to be repaired. In addition to sealing the cracks, they asked us to enhance the parking lot by sealing and striping it as well.  After repairing the cracks in the parking lot, we applied two coats of GEM SEAL coal tar sealer. After applying the seal coating, we re-striped the parking lot to create clear, crisp, well-defined lines for parking.  We were able to complete this job from start to finish over the weekend as to not interrupt their business.

Please contact us for a free estimate if the parking lot of your business is in need of repair or enhancement.  We look forward to serving you.


Repaired, sealed, re-striped PSNC lot

Parking Lot Enhancement for Fontaine Modification in Charlotte

Fontaine Modification in Charlotte asked us to enhance their parking lot by giving it more pleasing of an appearance.  We were able to improve the appearance in several ways.


Parking Lot Enhancement for Fontaine Modification in Charlotte

Car stops at the end of each parking spot.




Parking Lot Enhancement for Fontaine Modification in CharlotteBeautiful striping to all of the spaces including spaces specific to handicapped parking.




Parking Lot Enhancement for Fontaine Modification in CharlotteClear, crisp striping for motorcycle-specific parking and signage that clearly marks each parking space.




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