PSNC Parking Lot Repaired, Sealed and Re-Striped

We recently completed a project where we repaired, sealed and re-striped the parking lot of the PSNC offices in Chapel Hill, NC.  PSNC had some cracking at the front of their parking lot that needed to be repaired. In addition to sealing the cracks, they asked us to enhance the parking lot by sealing and striping it as well.  After repairing the cracks in the parking lot, we applied two coats of GEM SEAL coal tar sealer. After applying the seal coating, we re-striped the parking lot to create clear, crisp, well-defined lines for parking.  We were able to complete this job from start to finish over the weekend as to not interrupt their business.

Please contact us for a free estimate if the parking lot of your business is in need of repair or enhancement.  We look forward to serving you.


Repaired, sealed, re-striped PSNC lot