Charlotte Window Cleaning Company

Charlotte Window Cleaning Company

Clear-View, Inc. was founded in 1999 as a one man / one truck window cleaning company. Window cleaning is still one of our fundamental services we provide to our customers in Charlotte, Belmont and the surrounding areas.

We offer guaranteed window cleaning services for your home or business. We use the traditional method of brush / squeegee as our primary method to clean you windows. This is still the best proven method for cleaning windows at your home. During this process your window sills are cleaned out and cob webs around your windows are removed. The commercial grade cleaner we use is ammonia free and is safe for use on all glass, including windows that are tinted or have the factory Low E coating on them. It is also a great time to change your exterior flood lights so that your home stays well lit and safe.

Gutter cleaning is a very important maintenance procedure that is often overlooked on your home until it creates a problem. We can clean your gutters and open your downspouts at the same time as we do your window washing or pressure wash your home. We also offer gutter cleaning services as a stand-alone service so feel free to ask for an estimate for just gutter cleaning in Charlotte and the surround areas.

We also offer light cleaning such as chandeliers and foyer lights. The bulbs can be changed in these at same time your windows are being cleaned. Ceiling fans can also be cleaned at the time of window cleaning, We have completed a multitude of high work in homes for homeowners. This may be dusting a high ledge or cob webs in the corner. Please feel free to ask if you have a task in your home that is difficult for you to complete.

Commercially along with our traditional method we also offer an alternative method that can sometimes save a customer some money if they have a lot of windows. It is system where we use a water fed pole with purified water to clean the windows. This method is not as good as the brush / squeegee method but the results are usually around 90% as good. This method works great on buildings up to 3 – 5 stories. We do offer window cleaning on any building, no matter how tall they are.

If your windows have acid rain we offer a service where we come in and buff the windows to remove the acid rain. The results of this process vary based on the degree of acid rain damage you may have. We would be happy to buff one of your windows to let you see the results so that you can determine if you would like to move forward with this process. Sometimes it may be that there is only one or two windows that you want buffed. It may be a window over the kitchen sink that you constantly have to look out while working in the kitchen. Please feel free to ask about this service.

Feel free to contact us for a free estimate.