Northgate (Asheboro)

We were ask to completely revive this parking lot. The project consisted of providing and installing multiple bollards, from 4” bollards to 10” bollards, capable of protecting the building from damage of tractor trailers. It also included removing all old concrete and re-pouring over 400 yards of new concrete at 8”, to handle large trucks.

The project also consisted of creating a picnic area for local tenants and securing that area with commercial grade fencing. We also excavated over 18,000 square yards of asphalt pavement, repaired stone base and repaved with 2” binder / 2” surface grade asphalt.

This project took a little over a 2 months to complete but, we were able to complete this project 3 weeks ahead of schedule, which allowed our client to reopen this property sooner than expected for the tenants!