Project in NC
Recessed Concrete

A recessed concrete project we recently completed will allow a client’s new wrapping machine to be flush with the ground. The wrapping machine, designed to improve efficiency, has a base that rests 3-1/8″ above the ground level. Our client contacted us to recess the concrete so the machine could be flush with the ground. Enabling the base of the machine to be level with the ground will improve both the safety and ergonomics of the new machine.

First, we saw-cut and excavated six inches of the existing concrete. Then we doweled the remaining concrete every 12” and created a grid for long term durability. To prevent damage to concrete from forklifts and pallet jacks, we included a 2” steel angle on all new edging. Once the concrete cures, our clients’ facility team will set the machine in place and put it in operation.

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