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Asphalt Patching

Asphalt PatchingAsphalt Patching Charlotte, Belmont, Gastonia, NC

Clear-View, Inc. asphalt patching and resurfacing services improve parking lots, roads, tennis courts, playgrounds, shopping centers, and driveways. Our professionals are fully licensed, insured, and OSHA-compliant, with over three decades of experience.

Know When You Need to Repair!

Improve the Look of Your Property
Potholes do not happen overnight; they gradually deteriorate due to use and water damage. If not managed properly, your parking lot could be left with larger, unsightly potholes. This could lead to higher risks of liability and potential customer loss.

Pedestrian and Motorists Safety
Pedestrian safety is a large concern of any property owner. With the risk of tripping or swerving out of the way to avoid an accident, all of these incidents can be avoided with the professional repair of your parking lot potholes.

Vehicle Damage
Along with personal safety, potholes can cause major damage to vehicles if they were to drive over them. Damage to the tires or vehicle suspension is a costly expense that is easily preventable.

Company Image
Prevent a negative perception of your company. By repairing asphalt hazards, your customers will enjoy a safe and appealing experience.

Saving Money!
Catch asphalt repair items early and save money. Asphalt replacement is two times the cost of repair.
When asphalt patching in Charlotte, Belmont, and Gastonia, NC, Clear-View, Inc. uses a special blend of emulsion mixes to prevent repair and additional deterioration of asphalt surfaces.

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