Bollards are used in parking lots, stadiums, office complexes, hospitals, college campuses, industrial parks, and private businesses.  Installed correctly, these tools offer definition of property and protection to infrastructure. A heavy-duty bollard increases pedestrian safety and protects buildings and cars from unwanted traffic issues.


  1. Traffic Management
    Bollards have an important role in traffic management. They can be used for road closures, traffic pattern changes, test channeling, and road diversions.
  2. Traffic Safety
    Alert drivers of narrow roads, high curbs, and managing high traffic roads and prevent vehicles from mounting a sidewalk.
  3. Security for Your Property
    Bollards provide security from intentional and accidental damage to vehicles. Businesses such as banks, schools, government offices, military buildings, and any corner building should consider the installation of bollards to improve security and lower the risk of damage.
  4. Curb Prevention
    When parking lots are not large enough, some customers will park anywhere!  Prevent sidewalk parking by installing a curb-appeal friendly bollard from Clear-View.
  5. Pedestrian Safety
    As American streets become more crowded, people and bike traffic tend to drift into unintended areas.  Prevent unwanted pedestrian traffic with a well-placed bollard.