Asphalt Crack Sealing Services by Clear-View

Our professionals determine the cause and offer cost-effective solutions for parking lot and roadway asphalt crack issues.  Our sealants adhere firmly to the surface and are rubberized to allow flex with weather conditions.


Benefits Of Crack Sealing

  1. Saving Money!
    Asphalt crack sealing by a professional contractor prolongs the life of your pavement. Replacement is often 20 times more than our maintenance repairs.
  2. Extends Your Pavements Life
    Routine maintenance to your asphalt includes crack sealing and sealcoating. These are the most important services to extend the life of your pavement.
  3. Slows Oxidation
    Water is the #1 enemy of asphalt! Cracks can allow water to enter and circulate below the base, which leads to pavements failure. Sealing these cracks both horizontally and vertically allows for harsh weather conditions and traffic loads.
  4. Preventing Water Penetration
    Asphalt is naturally porous. Left untreated, water enters the cracks and causes the pavement to fail. Call Clear-View as soon as you notice any small crack.  Our fast service and repair will save you thousands of dollars down the road!


Common Asphalt Crack Issues

  • Small cracks allow moisture into asphalt causing the cracks to grow.
  • Water expands and contracts with temperature causing larger cracks.
  • Weaknesses in base accelerates asphalt failure.
  • Big cracks often become potholes.
  • Cracks ¼ inch and larger need to be sealed immediately with specially formulated hot rubber sealant.

Clear-View Inc. Guarantee

We use only the finest commercial asphalt pavement sealers specifically designed for the toughest climate conditions and we guarantee our work for one (1) full year.