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Line Striping

Parking Lot Line StripingParking Lot Line Striping Charlotte and Surrounding Cities

Parking Lot Line Striping is a direct reflection on your property management team. We, at Clear-View, Inc. want to help you look your best by providing the highest-possible quality of services for you and your business!

Clear-View professional line striping technicians are trained and re-certified each year to meet and exceed best practices in asphalt management. We’re the best in the paving business!

Benefits to Restriping Your Parking Lot

Smart property owners know that the appearance of your parking lot reflects on your business. Restriping gives your parking lot a vibrant look with crisp lines that encourage visitors.

Parking lots, roadways, drives, and other traffic areas need clear direction indicators and driving lanes for organization and safety.

Customer Service
Safe, clean, well-lit parking lots and customer parking spaces are inviting to customers.

ADA Compliance
The Americans with Disabilities Act has guidelines that parking lots must follow. Depending on the number of spaces, they must include a certain number of van-accessible spaces. Parking lot line striping can help to clearly show these accommodations and comply with ADA regulations.

Parking Space Maximization
Not sure if your spaces are big enough or if your customers are satisfied? During the restriping process, Clear-View, Inc. evaluates your parking lot and offers improvements.

It cost less money to improve the curb appeal than to overcome a poor look with marketing. Parking lot line striping is an easy ‘facelift’ you can give your business for instant improvement.

Reduce Liability
If your lines are hard for customers to see, it may cause accidents. Clear, vibrant lines are necessary to communicate pedestrian walkways, who has the right of way, where vehicles must stop, and what areas to avoid.

Compliance with Fire Codes
Fire codes require a designated lane in case of an emergency. This lane should be marked with signs, curb markings, and pavement markings.

Clear-View, Inc. offers driveway and parking lot line striping and pavement improvements in Charlotte, Gastonia, and Belmont, NC. Contact us today for a free estimate for your next project!